Members’ Interests

Members of the Society have registered the surnames they are researching, together with dates, places, etc. Contact details are made available, on request, to other members who are researching the same surname of interest.

To see if any other member is researching the same interest as you, please enter the name in the search box below.

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Want to contact someone with a similar Interest?

Take a note of the Membership number of anyone with the same Surname interest(s) as you,  then select ‘Interests’ from the drop down box on the Contact Us form. Make sure that you include your Membership number, as well as the Interest number(s) and the Surname(s) of Interest.

To respect the time given by our volunteer, a maximum of 5 contact requests can be made at any one time.

You will be emailed the contact details of those researching the same interest. These details are not made available on this web site, and details will not be supplied to anyone who does not quote their own Membership number. The response is not automatic, so please be patient with our volunteer, who may not be on-line when your request is sent.

If you are not yet a Member, please see below.

Making Contact

All the people listed have given their details so that others with similar interests may contact them. You should follow these guidelines when making contact.

If contacting by post, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. The idea is to exchange information. Do not expect other people to pass on the results of several years research immediately. Tell them what you already know, and what you are trying to find out. Many contacts will be dead ends, but others will be very fruitful. Many experienced members are very pleased to share their work – be sure to thank them and acknowledge sources if you subsequently use the information in your records.

Do not expect people to reply immediately. They may be away from home, or busy with other things. It may take them some time to assemble the information they want to send you.

Can I add, or update, my Interests?

Members may change their registered interests as many times as they like, provided they don’t exceed 12 on the database at any time. Changes will only be effected in October on renewal of subscription.

To add or update your surnames of interest, please print off the Members’ Interests form, complete and post to Treetops Research Centre with your Membership Renewal form. If you are updating existing interests, please clearly indicate which record(s) should be deleted or amended.
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If you register over 12 interests, the latest over the maximum will not be added. Please note that ‘Smith[e], Smyth[e]’ would be registered as 4 interests. 1 surname in ‘Dorset / Hampshire / Wilts’ will be registered as 3 interests.

New interests will be published in the quarterly Journal as soon as possible after they are registered, when the listings on this web site will also be updated. Details will not be registered for anyone who does not quote their own Membership number.

Interests of those who fail to renew their membership will be deleted from the database, usually about 3 months after renewal is due.

I’m not a Member

Follow the link to join the Society. Please wait until your application has been accepted and you have received your Membership pack, number and Journals issued since the beginning of the Membership year. Then follow the instructions under ‘Want to contact someone with a similar Interest?’ above. A form to register your own interests will be included in your Membership pack.

Please remember that the Society is staffed entirely by volunteers, so please don’t expect an immediate response. At busy times, particularly around the start of the membership year in October, it can take up to 3 weeks before your Membership pack and number are sent to you.