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y-DNA Results for FRY

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It is a little while ( Dec 2015) since I sent for my y-DNA test with "https://www.familytreedna.com". I recently upgraded the number of markers from 67 to 111. The results for all the subscribers are shown for example on the page "https://www.familytreedna.com/public/BritishIsles?iframe=ycolorized"
I am still trying to find a link for my Thomas FRY living in Symondsbury, where he married twice and his children and grand-childrens' families lived - but I can't find his burial or his birth! There were no FRYs in S'bury before his first marriage until one gets back to a marriage recorded in 1724 of "Thomas FREY of Wels in the Countey of Somerset and Marey BROWN of Alington ...June 13". The only possible FRY seem to be a Thomas b. 1764 in Litton Cheney and who disappears from that parish.
If any FRYs read this I would hope they would also be willing to have a DNA test.

Rodney Fry