About Us

Dorset Family History Society was formed in the summer of 1987, but the formal inauguration meeting did not take place until the following January. The Society is a member of the Family History Federation .

According to the Constitution,

The objects of the Society shall be:

(a)        To promote and encourage the public study of family history, genealogy, heraldry and local history with particular reference to the County of Dorset.

(b)        To promote the preservation, security and accessibility of archival material.

In furtherance of the above objects but not further or otherwise the Society shall have the following powers:

(i)         To hold lectures and discussions and organise research visits for Society members and interested members of the general public.

(ii)        To hold and maintain a library of printed and other works primarily for use of Society members and members of the general public.

(iii)       To preserve and transcribe or publish original source materials including documents and monumental inscriptions.

(iv)       To pursue collaborative actions with similar societies and with established supportive bodies such as churches, libraries, records offices and educational institutions.

(v)        To support the activities of the Federation of Family History Societies in its pursuit of these and similar objectives.

(vi)      To set up constituent groups in appropriate catchment areas.


(a)        The Society shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of not more than thirteen members including the Honorary Officers. The Honorary Officers shall be the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

President – David Gynes Vice President – June Clist

The current members of the Executive Committee are:

Chairman – Merve Goddard, Secretary – Lorraine Squires, Treasurer – Chris Chuck

Committee members; 

Linda Adams,  Sheila Long, Sheila Tanner, Sheila Simons, Shirley Robinson, June Taylor, Debbie Winter, Richard Yates

In addition, the following Officers have been appointed.

Coach Organiser – Cherry Fisher

Computer Group Coordinator – Richard Yates

Database Manager – Graham Searle

Education Officer – Lorraine Squires

Events Coordinator – Sheila Davis

Journal Editor – Angela Parker-Harris

Liaison Officer – Richard Yates

Librarian – Debbie Winter

Surname Interests – Alan Mead

Membership Secretary – Anne Maclachlan

Projects Coordinator – Vacant

Programme Secretary – Linda Adams and Sheila Long

Publicity Officer – Shirley Robinson

Research Coordinator – Debbie Winter

Sales Coordinator – June Taylor

Strays Coordinator – Lindsey Dedden

Webmaster – Alan Mead

To email any of these, select the role on the Contact Us form, or use Enquiries and mark the email ‘For the attention of …’