Treetops Research Centre is closed, in accordance with restrictions in England, and all physical meetings are cancelled. Some meetings are being held in Zoom. See the Calendar for further details.

The committee are looking at options and possibilities and hope to reopen Treetops once all safety concerns are met. We will only proceed when safe practice can be adopted.

Please do not contact Treetops by telephone. Post is being collected, but a faster response is likely if you select ‘Enquiries’ to email us from the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Members can also use the appropriate volunteer’s email contact details shown on the back inside cover of the quarterly Journal. Volunteers will endeavour to answer any queries or undertake any research requested, subject to their own health and availability.

A limited ‘Virtual Research’ service is available (see separate post in Current News).

Further information will be given as it becomes available. (Revised 20th December 2020)