Member’s Area

The Password needed to access this area is shown on the Society Services page at the back of the latest quarterly Journal sent to all paid-up Members.

The Password changes at the beginning of December so make sure that you have the latest Password to hand before you follow the link as there is no Password reminder service. The page will open as a new Tab or page after you have completed the required details. Please close that Tab, or page, when you have finished, to return to the main site.

Access the Member’s Area

The Society’s HelpĀ Forum for Members is available from the Menu bar.

I’m not a Member

Follow the link to join the Society. Please wait until your application has been accepted and you have received your Membership pack, numberĀ and Journals issued since the beginning of the Membership year, then return to this page.

Please remember that the Society is staffed entirely by volunteers, so please don’t expect an immediate response. At busy times, particularly around the start of the membership year in October, it can take up to 3 weeks before your Membership pack and number are sent to you.