Parish Registers

Church (or parish) registers were introduced in 1538 and contain records of baptisms and burials (as distinct from births and deaths) and, of course, marriages. Although many early registers have been lost over the years, a surprising number still exist. Today, very few registers, other than those which are still in use, are held at churches.

In addition to the registers, from 1598 parish priests had to send to their Bishop an ‘annual return’, a copy of the register, known as a Bishops’ Transcript. Those that still exist can be very useful in supplying entries omitted from the register or replacing a missing register.

For nearly 30 years the Dorset History Centre kindly allowed our members to copy full details of the entries in the original registers. As a result, the Society now holds a very large collection of Parish Register Transcriptions for Dorset. We concentrated on transcribing records before 1838 as later records are more easily available in the form of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates issued following the introduction of civil registration in 1837. However, in order for the condition of the original registers to be preserved the arrangement with the Dorset History Centre has now come to an end, as has this Society’s project. We are grateful that some transcriptions of later years have been donated to the Society.
Details of the Parishes which have been transcribed can be found by entering the Parish Name in the Search box below. The result shows the list of transcriptions which are held at our Treetops Research Centre. The following code may be seen.

* = Bishops’ Transcripts

NB The Earliest Record date is the oldest available. There may not have been any events to transcribe in some years.

ParishAdditional InformationFirst RecordBaptismsMarriagesBurials
ABBOTSBURY, St Nicholas15671716-18371567-18371726-1837
AFFPUDDLE, St Lawrence17221728-18501731-18371722-1837
ALCESTERSee Shaftesbury
ALDERHOLT, St JamesFormerly part of Cranborne1849
ALLINGTON, St SwithunSee also Bridport Burials 1570-182715701702-18371570-18371665-1782, 1813-1837
ALMER, St MaryGaps in Baptisms & Burials15381614-1697, 1731-18371541-1836, 1731-18371538-1697
ALTON PANCRAS, St Pancras16731696-18371674-18361731-1837
ANDERSONSee Winterborne Anderson
ANSTYSee Hilton
ARNE, St NicholasSee also Wareham17621731-1837*, 1762-18161763-18401732-1821*, 1813-1819
ASHINGTONSee Canford Magna
ASHMORE, St Nicholas16511670-18371667-18371670-1837
ASKERSWELL, St Michael & All AngelsAlso Marriage Index held 1814-183715601722-18371560-18371722-1812
ATHELHAMPTON, St JohnWith Burleston16921693-18371755-18481693-1837
BATCOMBE, St Mary MagdaleneLater entries in register illegible. Gap in Burials17311800-18081731-1837 1799-1808, 1813-1837
BEAMINSTER, St Mary15851732-1837, 1585-1669* (Gaps), 1690-1731* (Gaps)1585-18371585-1837
BEER HACKETT, St Michael15491696-18371552-18361696-1745, 1773-1835
BELCHALWELL, St AldhelmSee also Fifehead Neville17331813-18371733-18381813-1840
BERE REGIS, St John the BaptistSee also Milborne Stileham15851585-18371585-18371586-1837
BETTISCOMBE, St Stephen17461746-18371746-18361746-1837
BEXINGTONSee Puncknowle
BINCOMBE, Holy TrinitySee also Broadwey16581658-18371658-18381658-1837
BISHOPS CAUNDLE, All Saints15701700-18371570-18371700-1837
BLACKDOWN, Holy TrinityFormerly part of Broadwinsor. Held by the incumbent1963
BLANDFORD FORUM, St Peter & Paul17311743-18371731-18371743-1837
BLANDFORD ST MARY, St MaryGap in Burials 1725-174415811730-18371594-18371684-1837
BLOXWORTH, St Andrew15791700-18371581-18371696-1837
BOTHENHAMPTON, Holy Trinity17251726-18371734-18371725-1837
BOURNEMOUTH, St PeterFormerly part of Christchurch and Holdenhurst. Held at Hampshire Record Office1845
BOURTON, St GeorgeFormerly part of Gillingham18131813-18371813-1837
BOVERIDGESee Cranborne
BRADFORD ABBAS, St Mary15721572-1581, 1718-18371590-18361572-1581, 1709-1837
BRADFORD PEVERELL, St Mary15721572-1582, 1688-18371576-18381696-1837
BRADPOLE, Holy Trinity16951695-18371695-18371695-1837
BRANKSEA, St MaryFormerly part of Studland. Held by the incumbent1854
BRANKSOME, St ClementFormerly part of Kinson & Longfleet1891
BRIDPORT, St Mary16001702-18371600-18371702-1837
BRIDPORT, St MaryBirths of Dissenters children1720-1781
BROADMAYNE, St Martin16631663-18371677-18371663-1837
BROADOAKSee Symondsbury
BROADSTONE, St John the BaptistFormerly part of Canford Magna. Baptisms Index only18871887-1955
BROADWEY, St NicholasSee also Bincombe16611733-18371673-18371730-1837
BROADWINDSOR, St John the Baptist15621696-18371669-18371696-1837
BRYANSTON, St MartinGaps in Burials15981598-18371599-18371660-1837
BUCKHORN WESTON, St John the Baptist16771766-18371679-18371766-1837
BUCKLAND NEWTON, Holy Rood15681654-18371568-18391654-1837
BUCKLAND RIPERS, St Nicholas16951794-18371695-18401794-1812, 1814-1836
BURLESTON Parish ChurchSee also Athelhampton1839
BURSTOCK, St Andrew15601688-18371560-18371695-1837
BURTON, St LukeFormerly part of Christchurch. Held by the incumbent1876
BURTON BRADSTOCK, St Mary16141740-18371614-18371740-1837
BURTON, LONGSee Longburton
CANFORD CLIFFS & SANDBANKSFormerly part of Parkstone St Peter1924
CANFORD MAGNA16561701-18371656-18371709-1837
CANN, St Rumbold15631683-18371563-18371742-1837
CASTLETON, St Mary MagdaleneFormerly part of Oborne17151715-18371716-18361715-1837
CATHERSTON LEWSTON, St MarySee also Charmouth 1837
CATTISTOCK, Sts Peter & Paul15581558-18371558-18371700-1838
CAUNDLE, BISHOPSee Bishops Caundle
CAUNDLE MARSH, Sts Peter & Paul17041705-18371704-18311737-1837
CAUNDLE, PURSESee Purse Caundle
CAUNDLE, STOURTONSee Stourton Caundle
CERNE ABBAS, St Mary the Virgin16531690-18371654-18411748-1837
CERNE, NETHERSee Nether Cerne
CERNE, UPSee Up Cerne
CHALBURY, All Saints16291716-18371629-18371716-1836
CHALDON HERRING, St NicholasAlias East Chaldon16211730-18371621-18371730-1837
CHARBOROUGH, St MaryFormerly part of Morden & Almer. Held by the incumbent
CHARDSTOCK, DevonHeld at Devon Record Office15971813-18371597-18401813-1840
CHARLTON MARSHALL, St Mary the Virgin15751705-18371575-18411705-1838
CHARMINSTER, St Mary the VirginNear Dorchester15611746-18371561-18371746-1837
CHARMOUTH, St Andrew16531653-18371654-18371653-1840
CHEDINGTON, St James1813-1837 Marriages N/A17561813-18371758-18121813-1837
CHELBOROUGH, EASTSee East Chelborough
CHELBOROUGH, WESTSee West Chelborough
CHESELBOURNE, St Martin16441701-1741, 1745-18371664-18381691-1837
CHETNOLE, St PeterFormerly part of Yetminster17121712-1760, 1783-18341827-1837
CHETTLE, St Mary15371753-18371754-18371539-1814
CHICKERELL, St Mary16991699-18371723-18371723-1838
CHIDEOCK, St Giles16541743-18371654-18371743-1837
CHILCOMBE, St MaryFor records pre 1748 see Askerswell17481748-18371748-18281752-1807, 1819-1990
CHILDE OKEFORD, St Nicholas16531744-18371731-1755*, 1813-18371653-1657, 1744-1837
CHILFROME, Holy Trinity16781709-18121709-18341701-1992
CHISWELLSee Portland
CHRISTCHURCH PrioryHeld by the incumbent1576
CHURCH KNOWLE, St Peter15471739-18371560-18371739-1837
COLEHILL, St MichaelFormerly part of Wimborne Minster, Hampreston & New Borough & Leigh1903
COMPTON ABBAS, St MaryAlias Compton Abbas East16401724-18371640-18371724-1837
COMPTON, NETHERSee Nether Compton
COMPTON, OVERSee Over Compton
COMPTON VALENCE, St Thomas of CanterburyAlias East Compton16551655-18371657-18361655-1837
COOMBE KEYNES, Holy RoodSee also Wool18131813-18371583-18361714-1837
CORFE CASTLE, St Edward the Martyr16531656-18371695-18371773-1837
CORFE MULLEN, St HubertSee also Sturminster Marshall16281690-18371652-18381652-1678, 1756-1837
CORSCOMBE, St Mary15951740-18371595-18371730-1837
CORTONSee Portesham
CRANBORNE, Sts Mary & Bartholomew16021718-1780, 1783-18371718-18371718-1783, 1810-1837
CRICHEL, LONGSee Long Crichel
CRICHEL, MOORSee Moor Crichel
DALWOOD, DevonHeld at Devon Record Office1568
DEWLISH, All Saints16161701-18371633-18371701-1837
DORCHESTER, All Saints16531733-18371654-18451733-1837
DORCHESTER, Holy Trinity15591722-18371560-18371654-1837
DORCHESTER, St Peter16531653-18371653-18371653-1837
DOTTERY, St SaviorFormerly part of Loders. Held by the incumbent1896
DRIMPTON, St MaryFormerly part of Broadwinsor. Held by the incumbent1966
DURWESTON, St Nicholas17301730-18371731-18371731-1837
EAST BURTON, ChapelSee Wool & Winfrith Newburgh
EAST CHALDONSee Chaldon Herring
EAST CHELBOROUGH, St Jamesalias Lewcombe. Baptisms pre 1770 illegible16821770-18121690-18371690-1812
EAST COMPTONSee Compton Valence
EAST HOLME, St JohnFormerly part of East Stoke18671868-1990
EAST LULWORTH, St Andrew15611680-18371561-18361676-1837
EASTONSee Portland
EAST ORCHARD, St ThomasFormerly part of Iwerne Minster17821785-18121782-1836
EAST STOKE, St Mary the Virgin17421743-18371744-18381742-1837
EAST STOUR, Christ Church15841710-18371584-18371710-1837
EDMONDSHAM, St Nicholas15731761-18371573-18371762-1837
ENMORE GREEN, St JohnFormerly part of Motcombe1843
EVERSHOT, St Osmund16941722-18371694-18311722-1837
EYPE, St PeterFormerly part of Symondsbury. Held by the incumbent1865
FARNHAM, St Lawrence17371737-18371737-18371813-1837
FARRINGTON, ChapelSee Iwerne Courtney & East Orchard1906
FERNDOWNFormerly part of Hampreston. Held by the incumbent1948
FIFEHEAD MAGDALEN, St Mary Magdalen15651744-18371565-18391744-1837
FIFEHEAD NEVILLE, All Saints15731741-18121573-1807, 1813-18391741-1812
FISHPOND, St JohnFormerly part of Whitechurch Canonicorum. Held by the Incumbent1947
FLEET, Holy Trinity16631663-18381664-18351798-1840
FOLKE, St Lawrence15381538-18371538-18371538-1837
FONTMELL MAGNA, St Andrew16531720-18371654-18371720-1837
FORDINGTON, St George15771705-18371705-1765, 1813-18371705-1837
FRAMPTON, St MaryGap in burial register 1803-181316271627-18371628-18371627-1803, 1813-1837
FROME BILLETTSee West Stafford
FROME ST QUINTIN, St MarySee Melbury Bubb Banns 1889-192516531653-17961653-18371653-1796, 1813-1837
FROME VAUCHURCH, St Francis16421654-18121667-18351642-1812
FROME WHITFIELDSee Dorchester, Holy Trinity
GILLINGHAM, St Mary the Virgin15591735-18371559-18381735-1837
GLANVILLES WOOTTON, St Mary15461546-18371546-18381578-1812
GOATHILL, St PeterSee also Haydon16991699-18101702-1837
GODMANSTONE, Holy Trinity16541716-18121654-18361716-1812
GREAT HINTONSee Hinton Martel
GREAT TOLLERSee Toller Porcorum
GUSSAGE, ALL SAINTS15601653-18371560-18371653-1837
GUSSAGE, ST ANDREW17851785-1837
GUSSAGE, ST MICHAELAlias Middle Gussage16531653-18501654-18481654-1851
HALSTOCK, St Mary16981698-18371700-18371698-1837
HAMMOON, St PaulGaps in Baptisms & Burials16561659-1680, 1714-18371656-18351656-1670, 1714-1837
HAMPRESTON, All SaintsAlias Ham Chamberlayne16171678-18401617-18371678-1843
HAMWORTHY, St MichaelFormerly part of Lytchett Minster18111813-18371826-18371813-1837
HANDLEYSee Sixpenny Handley
HANFORD, St MichaelGaps in baptsms16691669-18561672-18371675-1837
HAWKCHURCH, DevonHeld at Devon Record Office16631813-18371665-18371813-1837
HAYDON, St Catherine17081719-18371708-18411711-1837
HAZELBURY BRYAN, St Mary & St James15621722-18371566-18371718-1837
HEATHERLANDSFormerly part of Kinson1881
HERMITAGE, St Mary17121774-18121717-18491813-1837
HERSTONSee Swanage
HIGHCLIFFE, St MarkFormerly part of Christchurch & Milton. Held at Hampshire Record Office1843
HILFIELD, St NicholasSee Sydling St Nicholas1849
HILTON, All Saints16031737-18371603-18371813-1837
HINTON MARTEL, St John the EvangelistAlias Great Hinton15661661-18371566-18371661-1837
HINTON PARVA, St KenelmAlias Little Hinton or Stanbridge16211621-18371813-18371813-1837
HINTON ST MARY, St PeterGaps in Burials15811750-18371755-18101581-1840
HOLDENHURST with THROOP St JohnHeld at Hampshire Records Office1679
HOLME, EASTSee East Holme
HOLNEST, St Mary15891763-18121590-18371725-1802, 1809-1811, 1813-1995
HOLT, St JamesFormerly part of Wimborne Minster1836
HOLWELL, St Lawrence16531653-18371655-18371653-1837
HOLWORTHSee Owermoigne
HOOKE, St Giles18131813-18371814-1837
HORTON, St Wolfrida15631657-18401563-18401654-1837
HURNSee Christchurch
IBBERTON, St Eustace17311761-18371801-18371731-1837
IWERNE COURTNEY, St MaryAlias Shroton15621719-18371568-18371562-1837
IWERNE MINSTER, St Mary17421742-18351742-18361742-1837
IWERNE STEEPLETON, St MaryAlias Steepleton Preston17551766-18501755-18121776-1880
KIMMERIDGE, St Nicholas16841684-18371702-18371689-1837
KING STAGSee Lydlinch
KINGSTON, St JamesFormerly part of Corfe Castle1865
KINGSTON LACY, St StephenFormerly part of Wimborne Minster1907
KINGSTON WINTERBORNESee Winterborne Kingston
KINGTON MAGNA, All Saints16701670-18371671-18371670-1837
KINSON, St AndrewFormerly part of Canford Magna16801697-18371680-18371728-1837
KNIGHTON, WESTSee West Knighton
KNOWLTONSee Woodlands
LANGTON HERRING, St Peter16811682-18371681-18351682-1801
LANGTON LONG, All Saints15911725-18371593-18371695-1812
LANGTON MATRAVERS, St George16701742-1747, 1763-18371670-18371744-1837
LEIGH, St AndrewFormerly part of Yetminster17121712-1760, 1783-1834
LEWCOMBESee East Chelborough
LILLINGTON, St Martin17121712-1812, 1814-1836*1712-18431813-1865
LITTLEBREDY, St Michael & All Angels17171717-18121717-18361717-1812
LITTLE TOLLERSee Toller Fratrum
LITTON CHENEY, St Mary16141768-18371614-18371813-1837
LODERS, St Mary Magdalene16361636-18371636-18371761-1837
LONGBREDY, St Peter16281729-18371630-18391813-1997
LONGBURTON, St James15801773-18371589-18371813-1865
LONG CRICHEL, St MaryNo burials 1811 & 181216631663-18911663-18911663-1840
LONGFLEET, St MaryFormerly part of Canford Magna18331833-18371833-1837
LOSCOMBESee Powerstock
LULWORTH, EASTSee East Lulworth
LULWORTH, WESTSee West Lulworth
LYDLINCH, St Thomas a Beckett15591559-18371568-1837, 1731-1755*1567-1837
LYME REGIS, St Michael15431726-18371653-18371813-1837
LYTCHETT MATRAVERS, St Mary16561656-18371657-18371656-1837
LYTCHETT MINSTERSee also Sturminster Marshall15541698-18371554-18371698-1837
MAIDEN NEWTON, St Mary15531640-18371556-18371640-1837
MAINE MARTELSee Broadmayne
MANSTON, St Nicholas16201769-18121620-18371813-1837
MAPPERTON, All SaintsSee also Netherbury for Baptisms16691813-18371669-18371814-1955
MAPPOWDER, Sts Peter & Paul16501653-18371654-18371653-1813
MARGARET MARSH, St MargaretSee Iwerne Courtney for Marriages 1756-1812. Gap in Baptism registers16821692-1776, 1785-18121694-18341689-1812
MARNHULL, St Gregory15591687-18371561-18411687-1837
MARSH, CAUNDLESee Caundle Marsh
MARSHWOOD, St MaryUnited with Whitechurch Canonicorum 1700-18401614
MARTINSTOWNSee Winterborne St Martin
MARWOODSee Winterborne Zelstone
MELBURY ABBAS, St Thomas17171763-18371717-18371763-1838
MELBURY BUBB, St Mary the Virgin16791758-18121681-1836
MELBURY OSMOND, St Osmond15801716-18371580-18371695-1837
MELBURY SAMPFORD, St MaryAlias Upper Melbury united16061699-1750, 1813-19781606-18371699-1741, 1819-1970
MELCOMBE HORSEY, St AndrewAlias Melcombe Bingham16901690-18371698-18461737-1838
MELCOMBE REGIS, St MarySee also Radipole & Weymouth15601695-18371560-18371695-1837
MELPLASHFormerly part of Netherbury & Powerstock1846
MIDDLE GUSSAGESee Gussage St Michael
MILBORNE ST ANDREW, St Andrew15701570-18371570-18381570-1837
MILBORNE STILEHAMFormerly Bere Regis now Milborne St Andrew1687
MILTON ABBAS, St James15691651-18371569-18371651-1837
MILTON ON STOURFormerly part of Gillingham1884
MINTERNE MAGNA, St Andrew16351718-18371636-18371692-1837
MONKTONSee Winterborne Monkton
MONKTON WYLDE, St AndrewFormerly part of Whitechurch Canonicorum and Uplyme1850
MOOR CRICHEL, St MaryGap in Baptisms & Burials16201620-1792, 1813-18371664-18361620-1792, 1813-1888
MORCOMBELAKESee Stanton St Gabriel & Whitechurch Canonicorum
MORDEN, St MaryGaps and illegible entries in early registers15751576-1640, 1653-1694, 1719-18371575-18371575-1615, 1653-1693, 1719-1837
MORETON, St NicholasGaps in Marriages15651741-18371565-18381742-1837
MOSTERTON, St MarySee South Perrott 1671-1678, 174016511668-18371656-18371668-1837
MOTCOMBE, St MaryFormerly part of Gillingham16751676-18371676-18371676-1837
NETHERBURY, St Mary15921759-18371592-18371813-1837
NETHER CERNE, All Saints16931694-18381716-18381693-1852
NETHER COMPTON, St Nicholas15381629-18371541-1680, 1696-18371629-1837
NORTH POORTON, St Mary MagdaleneGaps in Burials16941771-18121698-1837
NORTH WOOTTON, All Saints15381662-18371542-18421815-1846
OBORNE, St Cuthbert15681723-18371568-1837, 1579-1759*1813-1837
OKEFORD, CHILDESee Childe Okeford
OKEFORD FITZPAINE, St Andrew15921679-18371682-18371679-1837
OKEFORD, SHILLINGSee Shillingstone
ORCHARD, EASTSee East Orchard
ORCHARD, WESTSee West Orchard
OSMINGTON, St Osmund16781691-18371693-18371813-1837
OVER COMPTON, St Michael17261728-18371726-18371813-1837
OWERMOIGNE, St Michael15691763-18371569-18371813-1837
PAMPHILLSee Wimborne Minster & Kingston Lacy
PARKSTONE, St PeterFormerly part of Canford Magna18331833-1837Register from 1839
PARLEY, WESTSee West Parley
PENTRIDGE, St Rumbold17131704-18371713-18351713-1837
PERROTT, SOUTHSee South Perrott
PIDDLEHINTON, St Mary the Virgin15391657-18371539-18371654-1837
PIDDLETRENTHIDE, All Saints16461734-18371654-18371653-1837
PILSDON, St MarySee also Burstock17541757-18371754-1837Register from 1852
PIMPERNE, St Peter15591559-18371699-18371561-1869
PLUSH, St JohnFormerly part of Buckland Newton and now part of Piddletrenthide1850
POKESDOWNFormerly part of Christchurch. Held at Hampshire Record Office1860
POOLE, St James15381653-18371653-18371653-1837
POOLE, St PaulFormerly & now part of Poole18331833-19121862-19521861-1912
POOLE INDEPENDENT, Skinner StreetPew Books also held.17411741-19321837-1902, 1925-19341787-1934
POORSTOCKSee Powerstock
POORTON, NORTHSee North Poorton
PORTESHAM, St Peter15681573-1661, 1692-18371568-18371568-1837
PORTLAND, St Andrew ? St George15641631-18371591-18371564-1825
POWERSTOCK, St Mary15681568-18371568-18371749-1837
POXWELL, St John the Baptist16741674-18371675-1811, 1813-18371678-1837
POYNTINGTON, All Saints15991715-18371599-1843
PRESTON & SUTTON POYNTZ, St Andrew16931783-18391696-18371813-1837
PRESTON CRAWFORDSee Tarrant Crawford
PUDDLETOWN, St Mary15381650-18371538-18371813-1837
PULHAM, St Thomas Beckett17341734-18371734-19021734-1904
PUNCKNOWLE, St Mary16301785-18371632-18361813-1837
PURSE CAUNDLE, St Peter17301730-18371731-18411813-1837
RADIPOLE, St AnnFormerly part of Melcombe Regis17971803-1808, 1813-18371813-18331813-1837
RAMPISHAM, St Michael & All AngelsGaps in baptisms 1706-1709 & 1760-176715731700-18371573-18411813-1837
REFORNESee Portland
RINGSTEADSee Owermoigne
RYME INTRINSECA, St Hyppolytus16301788-18371631-18361813-1837
SALWAY ASH, Holy TrinityFormerly and now part of Netherbury1838
SANDFORD ORCAS, St Nicholas15381730-18371540-18371813-1837
SEABOROUGH, St John15621700-18371562-18371654-1837
SHAFTESBURY, Holy Trinity16951725-18371695-18391700-1837
SHAFTESBURY, St James15591721-18371560-18421628-1871
SHAFTESBURY, St Peter16231705-18371623-18361682-1824
SHAFTESBURY, St RumboldSee Cann
SHAPWICK, St Bartholomew16541733-18371654-18371700-1837
SHASTONSee Shaftesbury
SHERBORNE, Abbey Church St Mary15381730-18371538-18371699-1796, 1813-1837
SHILLINGSTONE, Holy RoodAlias Shilling Okeford16531654-18371654-18371654-1837
SHIPTON GORGE, St MaryFormerly part of Burton Bradstock16261740-1789, 1813-18371626-18371740-1812
SHROTONSee Iwerne Courtney
SILTON, St NicholasLater Baptisms & Burials N/A16531706-18121653-18371734-1812
SIXPENNY HANDLEY, St Mary the Virgin17541767-1837, 1731-1779*1754-1837, 1731-1779*1813-1837, 1731-1779*
SOUTH PERROTT, St Mary15381713-18371539-18371716-1793, 1813-1837
SPETISBURY, St John the Baptist17051705-18371706-18371705-1837
STAFFORD, WESTSee West Stafford
STALBRIDGE, St Mary16901690-18371691-18371693-1837
STANBRIDGESee Hinton Parva
STANTON, ST GABRIELFormerly part of Whitechurch Canonicorum1840
STAPEHILLSee Hampreston
STEEPLE, St Michael & All Angels15461681-18121546-18361678-1812
STEEPLETON IWERNESee Iwerne Steepleton
STICKLANDSee Winterborne Stickland
STINSFORD, St Michael15771695-18371579-18401713-1837
STOCK GAYLARD, St Barnabas15671722-18121567-18381722-1812
STOCKLAND, DevonHeld at Devon Record Office16401746-1812
STOCKWOOD, St EdwardAlias Stoke; see Yetminster15851586-18491585-18501586-1851
STOKESee Stockwood
STOKE ABBOTT, St Mary15601691-18531560-18371691-1837
STOKE, EASTSee East Stoke
STOKE WAKE, All Saints15461634-18371546-1838l634-1810, 1813-1837
STOUR, EASTSee East Stour
STOUR PROVOST, St Michael & All Angels17011707-18371701-18371701-1837
STOUR ROW, All SaintsParish of Stour Provost1879
STOUR, WESTSee West Stour
STOURPAINE, Holy Trinity16311702-18371631-1752, 1783-18371696-1837
STOURTON CAUNDLE, St Peter16701670-18371670-18361813-1837
STRATTON, St Mary15611700-18371562-18371798-1837
STUDLAND, St Nicholas15811581-18371637-18371636-1837
STURMINSTER MARSHALL, St Mary15621695-18371562-18361746-1837
STURMINSTER NEWTON, St Mary16811718-18371681-18371744-1808, 1813-1837
SUTTON POYNTZSee Preston & Sutton Poyntz
SUTTON WALDRON, St BartholomewGap in Burials16781678-18371678-18371678-1768, 1782-1837
SWANAGE, St Mary15631780-18371564-18411698-1837
SWYRE, Holt TrinityGaps in Burials15871793-18121588-18361588-1803, 1813-1837
SYDLING ST NICHOLAS15651665-18371568-18371673-1837
SYMONDSBURY, St John the Baptist15581740-18371588-18371740-1837
TALBOT VILLAGE, St MarkFormerly part of Kinson1870
TARRANT CRAWFORD, St Mary15971776-18371599-18371813-1837
TARRANT GUNVILLE, St Mary17191719-18371719-18401797-1837
TARRANT HINTON, St MaryGap in Baptisms 1719-172815451701-18371546-18371729-1837
TARRANT KEYNESTON, All Saints17371737-18601813-18371737-1837
TARRANT MONKTON, All Saints with TARRANT LAUNCESTONGap in Baptisms to 181315641692-1783, 1813-18371565-18361697-1783, 1813-1837
TARRANT RAWSTON, St MaryNow with Tarrant Rushton17601813-18371760-1837
TARRANT RUSHTON, St Mary16961696-18371698-18361697-1794, 1813-1837
THORNCOMBE, St Mary the Virgin15521691-18371552-18371691-1841
THORNICOMBESee Turnworth & Blandford St Mary
THORNFORD, St Mary Magdalene16761677-18371677-18371677-1837
THROOPSee Holdenhurst
TINCLETON, St John the Evangelist15761628-18121579-1837, 1733-1759*1628-1837
TODBER, St AndrewAnnexed to Stour Provost17541813-18371754-1836
TOLLARD ROYAL, WiltsHeld at Wiltshire Record Office1689
TOLLER FRATRUM, St BasilAlias Little Toller15581664-18121616-18361700-1810
TOLLER PORCORUM, St Peter & St AndrewAlias Great Toller16151758-18371615-18381758-1837
TOLLER WHELME, St JohnFormerly and now part of Corscombe1872
TOLPUDDLE, St John the EvangelistMarriages - index only17181718-18371719-18371718-1837
TOMSONSee Winterborne Tomson
TRENT, St Andrew15581700-18371558-18371700-1733, 1813-1837
TURNERSPUDDLE, Holy Trinity16401745-18371640-1684, 1745-18371749-1837
TURNWORTH, St Mary15771700-18121577-18371702-1812
TYNEHAM, St Mary16941694-18371694-18361734-1837
UP CERNE, Parish Church16501705-18371682-18371706-1811, 1813-1837
UPWEY, St Lawrence16541654-18371654-18371654-1761, 1813-1837
VERWOOD, St Michael & All SaintsFormerly part of Cranborne. Marriages commence 188718321832-1840, 1881-19221898-1940
WALDITCH, St Mary17381739-18371738-18371739-1837
WAMBROOK, St Mary, SomersetHeld at Somerset Record Office16531655-1837
WAREHAM, Holy Trinity, St Martin & St MaryCombined churches15871591-1634, 1731-18371594-18371587-1837, 1879-1899, 1900-1936
WARMWELL, Holy TrinityGaps in registers: Bap 1755-1812, Bur 1753-181216411641-1754, 1813-18361641-18361641-1752, 1813-1837
WEST BAY, St JohnHeld by the incumbent1939
WEST CHELBOROUGH, St Andrew16621665-18121673-18351666-1812
WEST COMPTON, St Michael15381538-18371539-18371698-1812, 1814-1838
WEST KNIGHTON, St Peter16931693-18371693-18371693-1837
WEST LULWORTH, Holy Trinity17311731-18381731-18371731-1837
WEST MILTON, St Mary MagdalenParish of Powerstock1837
WEST MOORS, St Mary the VirginFormerly part of Verwood1910
WESTONSee Portland
WEST ORCHARD, St LukeFormerly part of Fontmell Magna & now East Orchard17541815-18221754-1839
WEST PARLEY, All Saints17151715-18371720-18371720-1837
WEST STAFFORD, St Andrew15581683-18371559-18371655-1812
WEST STOUR, St MaryNo previous Baptisms16781813-18371754-18531813-1837
WEST STOURSee Christchurch
WEYMOUTHSee Radipole & Wyke Regis
WEYMOUTH, St MarySee Melcombe Regis
WEYMOUTH, Holy TrinityFormerly part of Wyke Regis1836
WHITCOMBE, Parish Church17621762-18371780-18521774-1837
WHITECHURCH CANONICORUM, St Candida15581694-18371558-18371695-1837
WIMBORNE, All SaintsPart of Wimborne St Giles from 173215891589-1727
WIMBORNE MINSTER, St Cuthberga16351700-18371635-18371700-1837
WIMBORNE ST GILES, All HallowsBaptisms & Burials part only 1594-168515941594-1685, 1686-18371594-18381594-1685, 1686-1837
WINFRITH NEWBURGH, St ChristopherGaps in Burials15851585-18371585-18371622-1837
WINTERBORNE ABBAS, St Mary17541791-18371754-18371791-1837
WINTERBORNE ANDERSON, Chapel of Ease17571771-18371757-18361772-1837
WINTERBORNE CAME, St PeterSee Whitcombe Banns 1860-197716951782-18371698-18371696-1781, 1813-1837
WINTERBORNE CLENSTON, St Nicholas16841758-18371684-18351684-1837
WINTERBORNE HOUGHTON, St Andrew15581740-18371558-18471700-1812
WINTERBORNE KINGSTON, St Nicholas15881787-18371597-18371716-1837
WINTERBORNE MONKTON, St Simon & St Jude17541784-18121756-18361783-1812
WINTERBORNE MUSTONSee Winterborne Kingston
WINTERBORNE ST MARTIN16531748-18371655-18371700-1837
WINTERBORNE STEEPLETON, St Michael15581560-18371559-18381700-1837
WINTERBORNE STICKLAND, St Mary the Virgin16151751-1783, 1796-1798, 1813-18371616-18371751-1837
WINTERBORNE TOMSON, St Andrew17231723, 1770-18371751-18371769-1915
WINTERBORNE WHITECHURCH, St Mary15991742-18371599-18371701-1811, 1813-1837
WINTERBORNE ZELSTONE, St MaryAlias Marwood15481712-18371548-18391695-1837
WITCHAMPTON, Sts Mary, Cuthberga & All Saints16561658-18371656-18381656-1837
WOODLANDS, Church of the AscensionFormerly part of Horton1903
WOODSFORD, St John the Baptist16791775-18371681-18371813-1837
WOOL, Holy RoodWith Coombe Keynes15831700-18371745-18371733-1837
WOOLLAND, Parish Church17261726-18371731-18371728-1837
WOOTTON FITZPAINE, St PaulGap in Burial Register16781678-18371678-18371701-1711, 1728-1837
WOOTTON GLANVILLESee Glanvilles Wootton
WOOTTON, NORTHSee North Wootton
WORTH MATRAVERS, St Nicholas of Myra15841697-18491585-18371697-1880
WRAXALL, St Mary16491710-18371710-18401710-1812, 1816-1837
WYKE REGIS, All SaintsBirths 1696-173216761686-18371676-18371678-1837
WYNFORD EAGLE, St LawrenceUnited with Toller Fratrum. Marriages 1814-1835 in Toller Fratrum17541560-1810
YETMINSTER, St Andrew16771677-18341677-18371712-1847

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