Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of business apply to ‘distance sales’ made through our online shop and directly by post or telephone from Dorset FHS.

Distance Selling” means all sales of goods and provisions of services, other than face to face, including transactions using the Internet, by mail order, telephone, fax and advertising in magazines, newspapers and periodicals.

A customer has the right to cancel an order for goods or the provision of services within 14 consecutive days of receipt of the goods or services by the customer. This 14 day “cooling off” period includes Saturdays, Sunday and Bank Holiday (“the cooling off period”).

Notice of intention to cancel must be in writing and should be received by the Society within the cooling off period. A model cancellation form is available for use if desired.

Writing” includes a letter or e-mail sent to the Society at its Treetops Research Centre, but does not include a telephone call which will not be acceptable.

On receipt of notice of intention to cancel, within the cooling off period, the Society will refund the retail sale price of the goods if, but only if, they are returned in a re-saleable condition. The goods are to be cared for by the customer at the customer’s risk before they are returned.

The cost of returning the goods must be paid for by the customer and will not be paid by the Society. Payment of a refund will be made within 14 days of receipt of the notice of intention to cancel. Refunds will be made by cheque or re-crediting the customer’s credit card if the original purchase order was made using a credit card.

No refunds will be made in respect of CD-ROMs or DVDs where the customer has broken open the seal or wrapper.

If the Society has been asked to supply a service, for a fee, then once the request and fee for the service have been received by the Society, it will start to process the request and “no cooling off” period shall apply, with the consequence that no refund of fee shall be made even if the customer wishes to stop the research.

The law of England and Wales shall apply to this Contract.