Dorset FHS is run solely by volunteers and we rely on them to be able to continue to run the Society and offer a service to our members/members of the public.  We are structured by way of a committee, plus officers and other volunteers.

Would you like to volunteer?  We are keen to attract new volunteers, to bring in new skills and viewpoints, take on tasks which our current volunteer team cannot resource, or to shadow existing officers to be able to provide them with additional support/resource or holiday cover –  or to succession plan to secure the future of the Society.  Whether you can offer a few hours now and then,  or on a more regular basis we can make use of your knowledge and skills!

Some ‘roles’ deal directly with the public – those who are researching their family history.  For those roles you will require a good level of knowledge of genealogy and family history research techniques.   But if you are an experienced family historian you will have these skills.  We ask that anyone who comes into direct contact with our members and service users are a member of DFHS.  Committee representatives are also required to be members.

We also have a number of ‘behind the scenes’ roles  which help with the smooth running of the Society – to do those roles you are not required to be a DFHS member, or even a family historian.

If you can offer some of your time please get in touch for a no commitment chat, use our Contact Us page.  We can arrange for you to meet one or two of our volunteers to find out what they do, we can chat to you about your skills and interests and any current projects which need resourcing.

Some volunteers work from our research centre Treetops, but some opportunities can be based at home.

Occasionally we have specific ‘vacancies’ – so keep visiting this page for a current list:

Current vacancies

Officer responsible for IT :  As with any office environment we are reliant on our IT system for all our administration plus maintenance of our research PC’s which are used by visitors.  We are looking for someone with an IT background or keen interest/knowledge to take over this role, support the implementation of our IT policy, provide the volunteers with IT support and to ensure that the Society continues to operate with efficient back up and security measures in place.

Webpage review project officer:  we think our website could be improved.  We use WordPress and are looking for someone with WordPress/block editor function expertise to review the current website and assist with refreshing the look and user friendliness of the website.   We envisage this role to be a ‘start and finish’ project rather than an ongoing commitment, unless of course you want to become involved longer term!

Ad hoc handy person : we would love to have a maintenance or handy person to help us out with maintenance jobs at our research centre, Treetops on an “as and when” required basis.  For example; change/replace a light fitting when required, or to secure a white board to the wall.   So, we are looking for someone who can do a range of maintenance jobs, perhaps someone who has worked in a similar role, or is a talented hobby handy person, who we could contact when we have a need.

Contact Us for a general chat (select Secretary from the drop down list of options) or to request the role description for any of the vacancies listed above.